Company History

Engee Enterprises was incorporated in 1974 in Hong Kong. At that time, the Group’s main business was importing goods from the Far East into Nigeria.

Engee played a critical role in the Group’s growth, as its main area of responsibility was to source, finance, and ship goods and provide vital logistical support. From the mid-nineties, Engee shifted its focus from general goods to specializing in the supply of polymer resins and chemicals.

In 2001, Engee’s operation was successfully moved to London, the world’s financial nerve centre; positioning Engee & the Jotna Group for further growth in its core businesses. Since 2008, Engee has been successfully repositioned to grow the polymer resin business pan-Africa and support its Group manufacturing companies in effectively sourcing their raw material, spare parts and manpower requirements.

Our Mission

To be recognized as the preferred partner for marketing of polymer resins, in our areas of operation in the African continent, by forging alliances with select world-class resin producers, there by providing our customers with quality resin, at competitive prices and with highly efficient levels of service.


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